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☠ Phantomhive
Welcome to phantomhive, the community to post all fandom-related stuff dedicated to Toboso Yana’s Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). You can find other content such as information, scans, basically everything that hasn’t been edited by fans (with the exception of scanlations) over at kuroshitsuji.

If you are unsure of what should be posted under kuroshitsuji and what should be posted under phantomhive, please read here.

☠ Rules
.001 Don’t create drama. Be polite, this goes a long way in creating an easy and relaxed atmosphere in the community. We’re all here to relax and have fun, so please respect the other members.

.002 Credit when someone asks for it. This goes for scans as well as fanart used in icons, along with anything else people may ask credit for. If you are uncertain whether you can use something freely, or don’t know where it came from (such as Japanese fansites), feel free to ask in your post.

.003 When creating a post, please use the tags! The mods will be creating tags so that it will be easier to find what you are looking for. If your post does not fit under a tag, please notify the mods so they may create a tag that fits. If you should accidentally forget to tag, the mods will edit your post.

.004 Please note; this community has unmoderated posting access that is not automatically friends-locked, so please be aware of what you post and make sure it has the proper lj-cuts and warnings.

.005 Put fanfics and large fanart under an lj-cut, so it doesn’t flood people’s friends pages. You may show a small sample of your art, but please keep its size under 300x300 pixels.

.006 Put mature content under a f-cut with a warning, and under a friendslock.

.007 Please note that moderators cannot edit posts, so if you forget to friendslock, ljcut or warn people when necessary, we will be forced to delete your post should you fail to edit your post within a reasonable amount of time. You are allowed to repost it, however.

.008 If you are posting icons, please make sure you have 5 or more Kuroshitsuji icons to post.

.009 If you have a complaint about this community or something posted in it and you feel you can’t handle it yourself, please feel free to contact one of the mods and we will try and sort it out.